„DeepSolar++: Understanding Residential Solar Adoption Trajectories with Computer Vision and Technology Diffusion Models“, with Zhecheng Wang, Chad Zanucco, Ram Rajagopal, and Arun Majumdar, Joule, 2022, vol. 6 (11), pp. 2611-2625.

„3D-PV-Locator: Large-Scale Detection of Rooftop-Mounted Photovoltaic Systems in 3D“ with Kevin D Mayer, Benjamin Rausch, Gunther Gust, Dirk Neumann, and Ram Rajagopal, Applied Energy, 2022, 310:118469.

Working Papers

Do Retailers Have Efficient Incentives to Invest in Public Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles?, with Nicolas Astier, accepted at Energy Economics,

„Online Demand Response Programs for Constrained Local Electricity Systems“ with Gunther Gust and Dirk Neumann, under review.

„Harnessing Demand Flexibility in Electric Distribution Systems“ with David Chassin, Claudio Rivetta, and Jim Sweeney, under review.

„Curtailment Contracts for Flexible Loads“ with Dirk Neumann and Ram Rajagopal.

Sample work in progress

The role of public investment in establishing a public electric vehicle charging grid (presented at Verein für Socialpolitik 2022, AWEEE 2022, and ENERDAY 2022).

Conference Papers

Rausch, B.; Mayer, K.; Arlt, M.-L.; Gust, G.; Staudt, P.; Weinhardt, C.; Neumann, D.; Rajagopal, R. (2020): An Enriched Automated PV Registry: Combining Image Recognition and 3D Building Data. NeurIPS 2020, Workshop Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning.

Mayer, K.; Wang, Z.; Arlt, M.-L.; Neumann, D.; Rajagopal, R. (2020): DeepSolar for Germany: A deep learning framework for PV system mapping from aerial imagery. 2020 IEEE Smart Energy Systems and Technologies (2020 IEEE SEST), Istanbul, Turkey, September 07 – 09, 2020.

Arlt, M.-L.; Neumann, D.; Rajagopal, R. (2019): Curtailment Contract Design for HVAC Systems and Benefits for Management of Uncertain Generation. Accepted for IEEE PES General Meeting, Atlanta, USA, August 4-8, 2019.

Arlt, M.-L.; Rajagopal, R. (2019): Curtailment Contract Design for HVAC Systems. Accepted for 2019 American Control Conference (ACC), Philadelphia, USA, July 10-12, 2019.

Arlt, M.-L.; Cardoso, G. and Weng, D. (2017): Hydrogen Storage Applications in Industrial Microgrids. 2017 IEEE Green Energy and Smart Systems Conference (IGESSC 2017), Long Beach, USA, November 6-7, 2017 (Presentation and publication in conference proceedings).

Other Publications

Arlt, M.-L., Chassin, D., and Kiesling, L. (2021): Opening Up Transactive Systems: Introducing TESS and Specification in a Field Deployment, Energies.

Arlt, M.-L., and Astier, N. (2020): Where can Drivers Charge Their Electric Vehicle for Free in the U.S.?, IAEE Energy Forum

Arlt, M.-L. (2018): Preparing electricity markets for renewable energies. Newsletter of the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security, King’s College London, Issue 76, June 2018.

Ecofys and Fraunhofer IWES (2017): Smart Market Design in German Distribution Grids (German Smart-Market-Design in deutschen Verteilnetzen). Study commissioned by Agora Energiewende. Contributors: Ropenus, S.; Nabe, C.; Arlt, M.-L.; Döring, M.; Holzhammer, U.; Gerhardt, N.

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